Starbucks and Amazon Gift Cards Giveaway

Tomorrow's breakfast might be on us!

Every week we will give away one 15USD Starbucks Gift Card to award the post of the week, chosen by our staff among the three most noteworthy posts. The three most noteworthy posts will be picked according to a mix of smiles and views received:

  • Each smile point counts as one point.
  • Each view counts as one tenth of a point.

So if a post gets, let's say, 1240 views and 83 smile points, that post will have scored 1240/10 + 83 = 207 points.
Note that in order for a post to be eligible to win, it must score a minimum of 20 points.
Only new posts submitted in a given week between Monday 00:01 and the next Sunday 23:59 server time will be eligible to win for that week only, meaning that if they do not win that week, they can't win anymore.
Do not use bots to alterate the results, do not create fake accounts to alterate the results, do not anonymous IP addresses to alterate the results, DO NOT ALTERATE THE RESULTS IN ANY WAY or you will be banned and your account and posts will be deleted. Rest assured, that we will catch you, if you do so.

The three posts scoring the highest amount of points in a week will be eligible to win the Starbucks Gift Card prize. Our staff will pick the winner.
The winner will receive their 15$ digital gift card in their e-mailbox directly from Starbucks with admin AT as a sender. Make sure that when you sign up you provide an active and working email address. If you are a winner, make sure that you unflag us for spam as we are not responsible for the notification possibly hitting your spam folder.
Winners user name will be announced on this page every Monday for the previous week.

Duration and Grand Prize

The Starbucks Gift Cards Giveaway contest starts on Monday December 21st 2015 and it will end on Sunday February 28th 2016, running for a total of 10 weeks. On Monday March 7th 2016 at 00:01 server time we will reset all the views and smile points of the weekly winner posts and we will start counting views and smile points from scratch on those posts for two weeks. The post which will have scored the highest amount of points by Sunday March 20th at 23:59 server time will be awarded with the grand prize, consisting of a 100USD Amazon Gift card plus any eventual amount of unclaimed weekly prizes (for example if one week there were no posts reaching the minimum points limit of 20).


Submit early in the week. Submit original material. Submit interesting, challenging, funny material. Submit mulitple posts. Share your submissions on social networks, with friend and family to get the most visibility and the highest amount of smile points possible. DO NOT CHEAT.


Winners will receive their gift card via the Starbucks and Amazon websites: we are not responsible for any possible geo-restriction by Starbucks and Amazons when it come to claim your gift card at a given Starbucks shop or Amazon website.
This contest is in no way endorsed, promoted, carried by Starbucks or Amazon.
We reserve the right to modify, update, interrupt the terms of this contest at any time at our sole discretion.

Winners So Far

Make me a sandwich

Unclaimed prizes so far (will be added to the final grand prize): 75$