5 popular types of X-lander duck face (click for list)

The duck face: probably the most popular Internet meme of all times.


Zoolander duck face

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The mother of all duck faces, this one from Ben Stiller AKA Erik Zoolander has become a classic, especially among women who want to look sexy in their selfies.


D'ho!lander duck face

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Good old Homer Simpson reminds us what it means to be as stupid as a duck.


Goolander duck face

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Falling adult star James Deen has landed his DNA over and inside thousands of girls, using this duck face. Too bad that some of the receivers allegedly didn't ask for it.


Boolander duck face

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This is Donald Trump's best face after he says something racist. Unfortunately it is also the same face he shows while he is saying something racists.


Poolander duck face

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We have all been there. It's the face of when our butt tries to get cool.

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